The Billy Bear series comments on the processes that occur, when living beings with their own personality are turned into products that have no resemblance to their original form.


There is an absurdity in the Billy Bear product that attracted me. Here is a meat product derived from pigs that have been slaughtered, processed, minced up and then reformed into the shape of a bear face. Not a real bear, but a cartoon like character, friendly, cute, smiling, aimed at children. One they can identify with like a favourite character on TV.


All this is done to conceal the fact that this was once a real animal. Billy Bear is an image with an artificial identity that does not connect with or value the living creature the meat came from. A fact I think that is concealed from the children at an early age, making them not think about, question or become aware of what they are eating and where products such as Billy Bear originate from.


By photographing the product outside the pig meat was allowed to return to nature. Through the exposure to the elements I felt that somehow the pig meat could reconnect to the natural processes it had come from.

Over time the it was slowly absorbed into the surrounding environment, loosing colour, nibbled away, its image diminished.


For me this natural transformation allowed the process to be almost reversed. The artificial image of the bear revealing its true nature.

In the process of editing the final images I noticed the very last image having a faint indication of a pig on the concrete floor. Maybe the pig had shown itself finally?


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